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Padidavarandegan Jam Co.

Padidavarandegan Jam Co.

Padidavarandegan JamCompany was started in 2013, with the aim of supporting Iranian nationally produced materials, labor and capital and the initial introduction of chemicals with the prospect of becoming the top choice of customers in livestock and poultry industries, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, detergent, cosmetics, food, beverage, Oil, gas and petrochemicals industries. In order to achieve this important goal, the founders of Padidavarandegan Jam have set up a factory in the industrial town of Eshtehard, employing experienced staff with many years of experience in the field of production in order to further develop the quality and quantity of products and meet the needs of customers and the principle of customer orientation has been established.
Due to the innovations in its formulation and optimization, the products offered by this company are made according to the latest scientific findings, have the quality of the highest international standards and can compete with the highest foreign products. The high ability of this company in providing specific chemical products in accordance with the needs of customers, offering high quality goods and competitive prices have caused various industries to be covered by the supply of raw materials and the products of this company. One of the unique features of Padidavarandegan Jam Company, which has attracted customers' satisfaction, is the company's special attention to quality, which has always been considered in this regard:
Product quality stability, Continuous improvement of product quality, Introducing new products according to the market needs, Providing sales engineering services, Regular and timely delivery of products, Receiving customer comments and suggestions regarding the quality improvement of the company's products are currently the main first materials of the detergent factories in the country, including Goltash, Henkel, Dr. Obaidi, Pak Firooze, etc.

The words of the CEO

In this regard, it is expected that the esteemed customers of Padidavarandegan Jam Company, who are the first beneficiaries of this production complex will establish a specific business relationship with the company and move towards greater success with a stable business relationship.